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NetActuate, Inc.

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Nominee Questionnaire

1) Bearing in mind that you run and serve as an individual, rather than representing an organization, is there an organizational/employer affiliation you’d like to state for identification purposes?

As a $DAYJOB, I work for NetActuate, Inc. A global critical edge infrastructure organization.

2) Are you available to serve the entirety of a three-year term?


3) Describe any limitations on your ability to travel to attend ARIN and ICANN meetings in person or participate in scheduled teleconference calls.

Barring emergencies, there are no restrictions to my attending meetings in either person or virtually.

4) The ASO AC holds monthly conference calls and participation is expected of all members. Would participation in these calls present any issue for you?

No, there are no anticipated issues for me contributing in monthly conference calls.

5) Why do you want to serve on the NRO NC, and what goals do you want to accomplish?

I want to use my experience to help ARIN and the ASOAC in policies and procedure.

6) What, if any, conflicts of interest might arise for you as an NRO NC member? Specifically, do you serve in what could be perceived as any Internet governance roles, provide any services directly or indirectly to ARIN, or represent any significant interest from the community?

There is no conflict.

7) What is your record of serving the Internet community in the ARIN region?

I have worked as a network administrator in the ARIN region for the last 12 years across four ARIN organizations. I frequently attend ARIN, NANOG, and GPF.

8) What participation do you have within ICANN, in the past and currently? Are you a member of any other ICANN AC or SO?


9) What differentiates you as a candidate, or makes you uniquely suited to serve on the NRO NC?

Nothing makes me unique except a willingness to serve.

10) Provide a brief biography of recent experience, associations, and affiliations relevant to serving on the NRO NC, including names of organizations, positions held, specific duties, and dates of service.

I started on my network path in 2010 at QuadraNet, leaving for my own consulting gig and NetActuate in 2018. At NetActuate I operate networks across the world in five RIR regions and have number resources in four.

11) (Optional) Provide one URL to a social media website of your choice, to foster dialogue with community members.

None provided

12) (Optional) Provide one URL to a web page with biographical information.

None provided

12 responses

  1. Kate has not just the industry experience and deep technical knowledge but the personal skills necessary for navigating the business of the RIR space as it exists today. There are many challenges facing IPv4 and IPv6 allocation and Kate understands these issues from both sides.

    I’ve known Kate for close to a decade and she’s always displayed a deep passion for an Internet supporting everyone. I can think of no better member for the NRO.

  2. Kate is a wonderful candidate for the NRO Number Council member. I know her to be extremely hardworking and will take to the time to work towards equitable solutions. With her extensive experience in the operator community and a working knowledge of the other RIRs, I believe she is the best candidate.

  3. I’ve been working with Kate for closing on a decade now, and found her management expertise dealing with RIR to be equal to her quite strong technical capability. With her strong work ethic and superb people skills I believe she would do an excellent job as a member of the NRO

  4. Nick Carlson

    I had the pleasure of working with Kate for 8 years and witnessed her grow her network operator skillset. She understands the industry incredibly well, and will bring a unique perspective in this position. She is a perfect fit for this role.

  5. Kate’s experience as an infrastructure builder and operator giver her an excellent perspective on the potential effects of changes in Number Policy. Her skill set and knowledge base are a great match for this role.

  6. patrick brisbane

    I support Kate’s election! Her broad-ranging experience and engagement in the community make her a great candidate!

  7. I’ve hacked with Kate for a number of years in NANOG meetings; I believe that her experience gives her a great foundation on which to push into new challenges such as an NRO chair. She has my support.

  8. I’ve had the tremendous pleasure of working with Kate for almost two decades. As a transformational inter-networker, Kate breaks all boundaries. When it’s easy to have an ego at her calibre, Kate is down to earth and always ready and willing to help. She is always looking for how the network, and the people and organizations that power it can be part of the solution. Kate will have a lasting impact on the NRO.

  9. Kate is one of the best when it comes to complex networking tasks. She has a strong background dealing with multiple RIRs, routing, and network security. I believe Kate will be an excellent addition to the NRO.

  10. Mark Price

    Kate has deep experience in Internet engineering & operations work as well as experience collaborating with Internet users and organizations across the globe. I think her diligent work ethic and passion for an open and fair Internet make her a great fit for the NRO Number Council.

  11. Paul Ebersman

    Kate has an excellent technical/routing background and has experience with multiple RIRs. She gets the challenges in v4 & v6 space assignment and number plans, as well as routing security & peering. I think she would be a great addition to the NRO.

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