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Affiliation: Virginia Tech

Nomination Committee Evaluation: Well Qualified

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Nominee Questionnaire

1. Public Contact Information

a) Please provide one URL to an online location (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) where community members can dialogue with you. [Optional.]

b) Please identify your organizational affiliations. Note that Advisory Council (AC) members serve as individuals required to take ARIN’s best interests into account—not those of organizations with which they are affiliated.

  • Virginia Tech,
  • Scrum Alliance,
  • Agile Mentors Community

2. Relevant Biography

a) Please refer to the ARIN Advisory Council Guidance to the 2022 Nomination Committee in answering this question:

i) Please describe your relevant professional experience and expertise and explain how this background will make you an effective AC member.

Brian is currently Assistant Director of Operations for Virginia Tech, leading an Escalation team of IT subject matter experts. He has worked in the higher education electronics and telecommunications industry since 1984, chasing electrons since 1979. He helped install Virginia Tech’s first 10Base-T hubs in 1991. He helped VT procure additional IPv4 address space to augment our legacy address blocks just before ARIN was completely depleted of IPv4 address space. He also helps VT procure IPv6 address space to replace old Internet2/MAX blocks. He has been active in the ARIN and NANOG community for many years. He participated in the 2019 EDUCAUSE IPv6 panel along with other ARIN members to promote the use IPv6. He is the author of Virginia Tech’s IPv6 Case Study on the web site. Brian was elected in 2021 to serve a one-year term on the AC. His current term expires 31 December 2022.

ii) Attach a resume, curriculum vitae, or other biography highlighting your experience most relevant to the duties of the AC.

iii) You may also optionally include additional web links to external websites (e.g., social media), though not as a substitute for your biography.

b) The role of the Advisory Council is to advise the Board of Trustees on Internet number resource policy and related matters. Describe a similar experience you have had in such an advisory role.

I have served as an ARIN-AC member since Jan 1, 2022. I have learned a lot about policy development and want to continue to help our region have the best, fairest, and most effective policy in helping communities in the ARIN region have fair and equal access to Internet resources. I have also severed on the Board of Directors of AHECTA (Association for Higher Education Communications Technology Advancement)

3. Eligibilty

a) Please disclose any conflicts of interest you may have, real or perceived, that would impact your ability to perform your duty as a member of ARIN’s Advisory Council. How do you propose to resolve any such conflicts?


b) Are you currently eligible to serve on the Advisory Council according to the Conflicts of Interest Policy?


c) If not currently eligible, how will you become eligible to serve if elected (i.e. “If elected, I will resign from the position of ________ before 31 Dec 2022”). If not applicable, simply enter “N/A”.


d) Describe any limitations on your ability to: attend AC and Public Policy Meetings in person; or serve all of the elected term.


4. Nominee Information

a) Have you attended ARIN meetings or otherwise participated in ARIN activities in the past? What did you find the most rewarding from those meetings or activities? What suggestions for improvement do you have?

Attending ARIN meetings is always a learning experience. Meeting such a wide selection of Internet community members creates perspective and helps develop understanding of various Internet resource needs. Allow time for hallway discussions and interactions.

b) What areas of Internet number resource policy, if any, need more attention by ARIN; why?

IPv4 addressing needs policy cleanup which is currently being worked on. More attention to just how simple it can be to obtain IPv6 address space from ARIN and how it can be used. Broader distribution of tools and information about IPv6 offered by ARIN.

c) In what ways could the AC’s role managing ARIN’s Internet number resource policy be improved, if any?

Finding ways of determining vote counts/accepting votes for policy proposal adoption. Current methods allow for influenced votes just by the visual aspect of those in the room.

d) What are your thoughts on the rights and responsibilities of legacy IP address holders?

I think they should come on board and get a signed agreement with ARIN for proper representation of the legacy IP space they use. I recently was able to get my organization, Virginia Tech, to come on board with a full RSA agreement for all of our IP address space, much of which was legacy.

e) What are your thoughts on needs-based justification for the receipt of IP addresses?

I believe that some sort of needs based justification should be given/required that relates to actually building and utilizing networks for Internet connectivity purposes.

8 responses

  1. Christian Tacit

    it has been my pleasure to work with Brian on the Advisory Council for the last year. Briand has deep technical knowledge and is very thoughtful in his approach to the ARIN policy development process and participation on the AC. He is also very collegial. I endorse his candidacy!

  2. Chris Woodfield

    I’ve worked closely with Brian in his first term on the ARIN Advisory Council and believe that his voice brings an excellent perspective to the development and shepherding of new policy. I fully support his re-election to the AC.

  3. I highly recommend Brian Jones for another term on the ARIN Advisory Council. Brian has deep technical experience in networking and related areas. He is highly collaborative and an effective communicator. He is known to be ready to serve. He will be a great choice for the Advisory Council!

  4. Joe Hutson

    Brian is an excellent candidate to serve on the advisory council. He has a strong technical background with extensive experience in large scale IP networking design and operations. His commitment to service and professionalism are exemplary. I strongly support his nomination to serve on the advisory council.

  5. Mark Gardner

    I have known and worked with Brian for 16 years. He is highly skilled technically but more importantly he is an effective and thoughtful leader, one who is able to see all sides of issues and to bring the sides together. I strongly support his nomination to serve on the advisory council.

  6. Steven Lee

    Brian is a strong advocate for academic and research institutions. Brian has and continues to be a major supporter/instigator for IPv6 adoption at Virginia Tech, our peers, and vendors. He takes initiative and has the knowledge and soft skills to contribute to ARIN’s purpose. I strongly support Brian’s nomination.

  7. I strongly support Brian’s nomination to serve on the advisory council. I have worked with him for almost four decades and I have always found him to be knowledgeable, engaging, and reliable. He is a joy to work with and a committed team member.

  8. I have worked with Brian for over 30 years here at Virginia Tech. There are few individuals who have seen the Internet, Local networks, and connectivity to Wide Area Networks — including high capacity research networks — from his perspective. He has direct technical experience, an historical frame of reference, and high level communications and collaboration skills. He is an excellent choice to continue serving on this advisory body.

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