Camin, Douglas

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Affiliation: Coordinated Care Services, Inc.

Nomination Committee Evaluation: Qualified

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1. Public Contact Information

a) Please provide one URL to an online location (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) where community members can dialogue with you. [Optional.]

b) Please identify your organizational affiliations. Note that Advisory Council (AC) members serve as individuals required to take ARIN’s best interests into account—not those of organizations with which they are affiliated.

Coordinated Care Services, Inc.

NYS Local Government IT Directors Association

2. Relevant Biography

a) Please refer to the ARIN Advisory Council Guidance to the 2022 Nomination Committee in answering this question:

i) Please describe your relevant professional experience and expertise and explain how this background will make you an effective AC member.

I have a long history of experience with non-profit and government board leadership\participation that I feel translates well to participation in ARIN’s Advisory Council. I view participation on the Advisory Council as an excellent way to more fully understand the work ARIN does and be a part of the community supporting the infrastructure of the public internet.

I have spent ten years participating with Visions Federal Credit Union’s board and supervisory committee, the last six years as Chair of the Supervisory Committee. In that role I regularly participate in all board meetings, strategic planing sessions with both the board and management, help review all policies, review\respond to member complaints, and review and provide board-level leadership for auditing and enterprise risk functions of the credit union. Visions is the 50th largest CU in the US and is a member-service cooperative – it has many things in common with ARIN and the responsibilities needed. They support their volunteers with paid professional learning (conference) opportunities and travel for board members, similar to ARIN.

In addition, I also have served the last four years as Vice President of the NYS Local Government IT Directors Association, the trade group representing the interests and collaborative vehicle for statewide IT leaders. In this role I planned the organization’s annual conferences (2 per year), with 250+ attendees. I regularly led and facilitated discussions, presentations, and built the agendas and recruited speakers.

Prior to coming to Coordinated Care Services as CITO, I spent 9 years as a municipal CIO. I have extensive experience working with government agencies and entities, performing direct lobbying\influence activities in a variety capacities, and have a long history of leadership roles in volunteer-based organizations where participation is voluntary but provides high-visibility, large-scale impact.

I feel that the best advantages I can bring to ARIN’s Advisory Council will be diversity of background and extensive non-profit leadership experience.

ii) Attach a resume, curriculum vitae, or other biography highlighting your experience most relevant to the duties of the AC.

iii) You may also optionally include additional web links to external websites (e.g., social media), though not as a substitute for your biography.


b) The role of the Advisory Council is to advise the Board of Trustees on Internet number resource policy and related matters. Describe a similar experience you have had in such an advisory role.

In my roles I have regularly delved into policy development of a variety of ways – internal policies for cybersecurity, compliance, and more – and regularly advise boards and elected groups such as Legislatures on policy and law development.

3. Eligibilty

a) Please disclose any conflicts of interest you may have, real or perceived, that would impact your ability to perform your duty as a member of ARIN’s Advisory Council. How do you propose to resolve any such conflicts?


b) Are you currently eligible to serve on the Advisory Council according to the Conflicts of Interest Policy?


c) If not currently eligible, how will you become eligible to serve if elected (i.e. “If elected, I will resign from the position of ________ before 31 Dec 2022”). If not applicable, simply enter “N/A”.


d) Describe any limitations on your ability to: attend AC and Public Policy Meetings in person; or serve all of the elected term.


4. Nominee Information

a) Have you attended ARIN meetings or otherwise participated in ARIN activities in the past? What did you find the most rewarding from those meetings or activities? What suggestions for improvement do you have?

I have not previously participated in an ARIN meeting, I am looking forward to being a part of the ARIN community discussions.

b) What areas of Internet number resource policy, if any, need more attention by ARIN; why?

An area of focus that I personally feel needs attention is number assignments for smaller entities. As a representative of a local government entity I found the process of obtaining numbers from ARIN to not be challenging.

c) In what ways could the AC’s role managing ARIN’s Internet number resource policy be improved, if any?

I have not previously participated in the Advisory Council role, so this is an area where I do not have relevant input as of yet.

d) What are your thoughts on the rights and responsibilities of legacy IP address holders?

In reviewing the legacy IP holder discussions, I think it is important for legacy IP holders to understand that they are a part of the same community as any newer ARIN-assigned holders. IPs are a public good and ARIN is the named steward of these, and it is important to find the best ways for legacy IP holders to participate in ARIN’s process.

e) What are your thoughts on needs-based justification for the receipt of IP addresses?

Given the scarcity of IP addresses, I think needs-based justification remains an important component of receiving IP address allocations. The most challenging part that I see is force de-allocation – given the scarcity, if you possess a range of IPs and it will be difficult or impossible to get it back after giving it up, it becomes incredibly difficult to reasonably force recipients to give back blocks of IPs. There may be other solutions to this issue, though I’m sure it is not new.

20 responses

  1. Jack Hess

    I have known and worked with Doug for the better part of a decade. He served as vice president on the New York State Local Government Information Technology Directors Association during my tenure as president. He has a very strong technical background and understanding of the underpinnings of how networks and the internet funcition. He is a tireless and dedicated worker who would be a tremendous asset to your organization. He task oriented and works well with others. I can not recommend him more highly.

  2. Ty Muse

    I have worked with Doug nearly 10 years as the CEO of Visions Federal Credit Union. We are a $5.5+ Billion Credit Union in the southern tier of New York. Doug has volunteered as part of our Supervisory Committee (Audit Committee) during that time. He is an instrumental part of our organization and during that time has progressed as a leader. He is now the chair of this committee. In this role, he leads the committee, evaluates performance of the organization, helps manage the Cheif Audit Executive and her team. He also participated in our monthly board meetings and our annual board strategy session.

    I also have seen Doug volunteer in our community in several main stay events in Broome county. He is a peer and a friend.

  3. Cody Ryan

    It has been an honor and a privilege to work along side Doug for the past three years. Doug’s immense technical knowledge and ability to to manage and lead speaks for itself with the list of accomplishments made in multiple Local Governments. The ARIN’s Advisory Council would be blessed to have an individual such as Doug on the board. His insight, networking, and overall experience will provide for an overall well-rounded member.

  4. I strongly support Doug as a member of the ARIN Advisory Council. As an Advisor to the NYS Local Government IT Directors Association I have had the opportunity to work with numerous local government CIOs, and through this role I have had the benefit of working with and learning from Doug. His dedication to the public sector is unmatched. He has a passion for working towards the greater good and continually reached outside his department and government to provide support for other organizations. Doug’s ability to work across sectors on a range of topics shows that he is versatile as much as he is driven. He would be an asset to the Council and I strongly support his candidacy.

  5. I have worked with Doug as an executive officer on the NYSLGITDA board and as a County IT Director colleague. Doug and I have planned several NYSLGITDA conferences together over the last 6 years, he is good communicator and extremely attentive to detail. I have the utmost respect for Doug’s technical skills in the area of IT as we have been on countless calls collaborating with NYS ITS and DHSES . I believe Doug would be invaluable as a member of the ARIN Advisory Council.

  6. I have known and worked with Doug for several years. In the projects that we have worked on together, Doug has always been succinct in his direction. Projects have always been on time and complete. Doug would be a great asset to ARIN’s Advisory Council. I am positive he will be a very active member of the council.

  7. Carl Cadregari

    I have known Doug in a professional capacity as his IT auditor and consultant for over 7 years. I am pleased to have an opportunity to comment on his professional qualities. I can absolutely state that his professionalism and attention to effectively and reasonably consider his role, technical and organizational issues is on par with the best I work with. He is collaborative and is active in resolving any complex problem. Likewise he’s always been welcoming of other people’s ideas and points of view. ARIN can only be enhanced with adding Doug to your team.

  8. Kevin M Kelly

    I have known Doug is a professional capacity for more than 10 years. I have worked together closely with him on numerous technical projects where he demonstrated high levels of competency in a wide band of technical disciplines. He is a tremendously capable decision-maker that exercises sound judgement based on his lengthy professional history. Doug is someone you can count on to get the job done in a well thought out manner. His skillsets are perfectly aligned to ARIN’s requirements and he would be an asset to the ARIN Advisory Council.

  9. Stephanie Jerzak

    I support and recommend Doug Camin to the ARIN Advisory Council. As Chief Accountant (Government Agency) and a Credit Union Supervisory Committee member, I have the pleasure of working with Doug Camin and have utilized his expertise on numerous occasions. He has vast experiences and knowledge that will be a valuable resource for the council. He is also willing to commit his time and energy to his volunteer obligations as seen firsthand. Doug will not disappoint and I strongly believe he will make a great addition to the ARIN team.

  10. Drew Griffin

    It is my honor to recommend Douglas Camin for a seat on the ARIN Advisory Council. I have known and worked with Doug for about 10 years. During that time, we completed several complex municipal projects resulting in operating efficiencies for the local governments. Doug follows a servant leadership philosophy in that he measures his success by the success and growth of the people that he is working with. He continually seeks to inspire and elevate the people around him. Doug’s personal experience, intelligence, and capacity for adaptive problem solving make him a valuable asset to any team that he works with. The ARIN Advisory Council will benefit greatly from his participation.

  11. Betty McQuay

    I know Doug through his volunteer work as the Chair of the Supervisory Committee at our credit union and have worked with him for the past 8 years. During that time Doug has demonstrated his communication skills and shared his strong IT knowledge with other members of the committee and the Board of Directors. His input and thought-provoking questions have helped with timely resolution of issues. Doug has the analytical, IT, and communication skills needed for the Advisory Council.

  12. Steve Golf

    I’ve had the pleasure to work with Doug through the NYSLGITDA organization and have seen first hand his care and capabilities to support his constituents. Doug is driven, intelligent, capable and empathetic to ensure he provides the most value. I strongly recommend Doug for this role with ARIN

  13. I have known Doug for about 30 years. There are few people that I know who would be better suited for this advisory position. His IT knowledge, leadership skills, attention to detail, and critical determination are exceptional. I have been in the IT field longer than he has, and he can run circles around me effortlessly. He will understand the situation, determine the proper solution, and execute it correctly the first time. I think you would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated professional for the council.

  14. I fully endorse Doug Camin’s appointment to the ARIN Advisory Board. Having known Doug both personally and professionally for over a decade, I can attest to both his strength of character and his professional capability. Given the nature of our work, Doug and I have worked together with a variety of different mutual customers, and I have personally seen the improvements he has brought to his roles in government, finance, and non-profit management. Doug has even provided consulting services for my company and has always been a trusted resource for my team. With Doug, you can expect honesty, integrity, and candor – all top qualities in an Advisor.

  15. I met Doug in 2018 while he was serving as the President of NYSLGITDA (NY State Local Government IT Directors Association). Doug has adroit leadership skills, vast technical understanding, and an ability to look at the broad picture without missing any details. I believe he would be a perfect addition to the ARIN Advisory Council.

  16. Doug and I have collaborated on a number of NYS local government IT initiatives during the past decade. He has been a great resource in presenting and helping me and others understand some of the NYS and national IT complexities as they relate to smaller, government agencies. With this in mind, Doug would make at outstanding candidate for this advisory position with ARIN. Doug is hard working, intelligent, responsive, and has the experience and credentials to assist in this role. As he served as a board member and then the Vice President of the NYS Local Government IT Directors, ARIN can be assured that Doug would be a great asset. I strongly support his application!

  17. I have known Doug for 18 years. I had the privilege of working with him in the mid-2000’s. He is a forward-thinking professional and a needle mover, always working towards innovation, process improvement, and strategic development. Doug is adept at making connections and networking, so not only does he build and strengthen his community, but he helps others to broaden their circles of influence. He is a natural leader and is happy to share his knowledge with others and educate, while being a dedicated learner. Doug is professional and driven and he would be an asset to ARIN’s Advisory Council.

  18. I support Doug’s nomination to the advisory council.I have known Doug for 8 years through volunteering at Visions Federal Credit Union. Doug is a strategic and analytic thinker who shows up prepared and asks relevant, meaningful questions. Doug is exactly the type of person you want on a committee like this. He is reliable and collegial, bringing an extensive knowledge base and diverse professional background. As Chair of Visions’ Supervisory Committee, Doug leads a team responsible for internal audit functions of a large organization. He works regularly with the board of directors, helping us to identify and understand areas of risk to the credit union. I’ve learned so much from Doug’s leadership and know he would be an excellent addition to the advisory council.

  19. I have known and worked with Doug for 20 years in many different capacities. I take great honor in saying, I have not worked with another leader who is as intelligent and skilled as Doug. I serve with him on a Supervisory Committee of a top 50 credit union and a leadership team for an international arts festival. Over the years, Doug has continually displayed his uncanny ability to understand complex topics and quickly synthesize this information in order to make decisions and help other team members. This along with Doug’s breadth of experience make him a very good fit for the ARIN Advisory Council. I whole heartedly offer my highest recommendation.

  20. Voya Milasinovic

    I have known Doug both in a professional capacity, as well as personally for nearly 25 years, and am happy to speak about his professional and personal qualities.
    I have found Doug to have a thorough knowledge of technical and organizational issues. He has a very collaborative and common sense approach to leadership and resolving complex problems.
    Doug has always been welcoming of other people’s ideas and points of view, as well as an outstanding communicator.
    I believe he would be an excellent addition to the ARIN family.

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