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Affiliation: TELUS

Nominee Classification: Well Qualified

Nominee Questionnaire

1. Public Contact Information

a) Please provide one URL to an online location (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) where community members can dialogue with you. [Optional.]


b) Please identify your organizational affiliations. Note that Advisory Council (AC) members serve as individuals required to take ARIN’s best interests into account—not those of organizations with which they are affiliated.


2. Relevant Biography

a) Please refer to the ARIN Advisory Council Guidance to the 2023 Nomination Committee in answering this question:

i) Please describe your relevant professional experience and expertise and explain how this background will make you an effective AC member.

As an engineer for a leading service provider in Canada, my work experience puts me in direct contact with ARIN and requires that I understand the policies governing the allocation, assignment, and registration of number resources. My responsibility for IP Address Management and IPv6 strategy at a large service provider requires that I have a firm grasp of the broader array of technology developments underway within the field, including their interaction with number resources.

Through my experience as an Advisory Council member, I have been able to practice public speaking. I have also been invited as a panelist for panel discussions around IPv6.

A full term as a member of the ARIN AC, and attendance of other RIR meetings has helped me understand Internet governance.

My experience in the Internet and network operator environment suits me to understand the context and interaction between policy and practice.

I write frequently for industry outlets, including IEEE Canadian Review, ARIN blogs, and a number of others.

ii) Attach a resume, curriculum vitae, or other biography highlighting your experience most relevant to the duties of the AC. Do not include your home address or personal contact information on the resume, as it will be made public as part of the election material.


iii) Optionally, you may also include additional web links to external websites (e.g., social media), though not as a substitute for your biography.

No Response

b) The role of the Advisory Council is to advise the Board of Trustees on Internet number resource policy and related matters. Describe a similar experience you have had in such an advisory role.

I am completing my first term as a member of the Advisory Council. I have similarly defined policies and procedures to ensure efficiency of IPv4 addresses within TELUS where I am responsible for IP Address Management.

3. Eligibility

a) Please disclose any conflicts of interest you may have, real or perceived, that would impact your ability to perform your duty as a member of ARIN’s Advisory Council. How do you propose to resolve any such conflicts?

None that I am aware of. Should any conflict arise on particular issues, I will notify my peers of any real or perceived conflicts, and recuse myself on such matters.

b) Are you currently eligible to serve on the Advisory Council according to the Conflicts of Interest Policy?


c) If not currently eligible, how will you become eligible to serve if elected (i.e. “If elected, I will resign from the position of ________ before 31 Dec 2023”). If not applicable, simply enter “N/A”.


d) Describe any limitations on your ability to: attend AC and Public Policy Meetings in person; or serve all of the elected term.

No limitations known at this time.

4. Nominee Information

a) Have you attended ARIN meetings or otherwise participated in ARIN activities in the past? What did you find the most rewarding from those meetings or activities? What suggestions for improvement do you have?

Yes, I have attended more than 10 ARIN public policy meetings. The most rewarding aspect of these meetings I find is the opportunity to take part in Internet governance, alongside members of the community who care about developing good policy.

b) What areas of Internet number resource policy, if any, need more attention by ARIN; why?

The Number Resource Policy Manual is an old document developed over a long period of time under varying conditions. It is not always consistent, and much of it no longer serves its original purpose. It stands to be simplified quite significantly for the benefit of organizations approaching ARIN today and in the future.

c) Aside from the professional experience and expertise detailed above, describe any other specific skills, background, and/or areas of expertise you believe will assist the Advisory Council in carrying out its duties.

As an executive of IEEE Vancouver Section, I have held a variety of executive and leadership responsibilities, including the management of finances, development of policy, and organizing and motivating a diverse pool of individuals. These leadership tasks have helped me to develop an awareness of how to overcome interpersonal challenges, and most importantly, the role that mutual respect plays in building a functioning unit comprised of many individuals. I think these insights apply directly to the policy development function within the ARIN community.

10 responses

  1. Matt is a great asset to the AC, and continues to bring his depth of knowledge and approachability to the role.

  2. Christian S Tacit

    Matthew has been a great addition to the ARIN AC and the NRPM WG. He is very thorough in his analysis of policy and language and very thoughtful about the overall context of the proposals that he shepherds or to which he otherwise contributes. He also listens well to the views of others and adapts his views to take other perspectives into account. Finally, he is very collegial and positive in his approach to dealing with his peers on the AC and other members of the community. I heartily recommend him for re-election.

  3. E. Marie Brierley

    I’ve recently worked with Matthew as part of authoring a blog focusing on enterprise adoption of IPv6. https://www.arin.net/blog/2023/09/14/ipv6-lets-grow-business-case-pt3/ He is a dedicated professional and leader. His willingness to evaluate multiple causes and potential solutions for positively impacting enterprise v6 transition is highly valuable to ARIN and the internet community. His openness to new ideas for enterprise transition in his role as an AC member is sure to have an accelerating affect.

  4. John Jason Brzozowski

    Over the past decade or more collaborating with Mr. Wilder he has always impressed with his knowledge and professionalism pertaining to a wide range of topics related to Internet resource management. His technical expertise and leadership helping to fuel the adoption of IPv6 at TELUS (https://www.arin.net/blog/2019/06/12/practical-steps-to-accelerate-ipv6-adoption/) highlights his ability to drive bona fide business value, while bolstering his credibility throughout the community. His integrity drove me to collaborate with him (https://www.arin.net/blog/2023/03/02/ipv6-lets-grow-business-case-pt2/) as he was developing an IPv6 oriented blog series for ARIN, which I am certain will inspire many with their own IPv6 journeys. Matthew has been an extraordinary ARIN AC member; the community has and will continue to benefit from his contributions. I fully support his candidacy for ARIN AC and hopefully someday the ARIN BOT.

  5. Jordan Harrison

    Matthew Wilder actually cares.

  6. Andrew Dul

    Matthew has been a great contributor to the ARIN AC. He consistently is engaged and working within the group to support the ARIN community. I support Matthew’s reelection to the ARIN AC.

  7. In my first year on the Advisory Council I have worked with Matt as a fellow AC member and through our work together as mentors for ARIN Fellows. Matt demonstrates great knowledge of the policy process and enthusiasm for the work. I support voting for him in the upcoming election.

  8. Brian Jones

    I have served with Matthew on the ARIN Advisory Council and on the NRPM working group. He is an exceptional team oriented member and co-committee member who actively participates and provides valuable feedback. Matthew is also forward thinking. I have participated with him on IPv6 Discussion Panels at ARIN meetings and value his input as an IT/Network colleague and fellow ARIN Advisory Council member. He is a great candidate for the ARIN Advisory Council.

  9. Alison Wood

    I have served with Matthew on the council for a few years. His work is impeccable, his enthusiasm contagious and his support for ARIN and the ARIN community is outstanding. I urge you to vote for Matthew Wilder.

  10. It’s been a pleasure to work with Matthew on the ARIN AC. He is exceptionally thoughtful in considering all points of view regarding policy proposals and very measured in his responses to concerns and questions. He is a wealth of information about the Internet industry in general and about the IPv4 and 6 landscape in particular.

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