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Amazon Web Services, Inc.

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Nominee Questionnaire

1) Bearing in mind that you run and serve as an individual, rather than representing an organization, is there an organizational/employer affiliation you’d like to state for identification purposes?

Corporate Counsel (attorney) for Amazon Web Services, Inc.

2) Are you available to serve the entirety of a three-year term?


3) Describe any limitations on your ability to travel to attend ARIN and ICANN meetings in person or participate in scheduled teleconference calls.

No limitations

4) The ASO AC holds monthly conference calls and participation is expected of all members. Would participation in these calls present any issue for you?

These calls would not present any issue for me

5) Why do you want to serve on the NRO NC, and what goals do you want to accomplish?

I want to serve on the NRO NC because of my interest in internet governance. I have both worked on internet governance matters as a practitioner and studied the subject as an academic matter. I am now ready to begin participating directly in governance. The NRO NC interests me more than any other committee because it not only provides the opportunity to aid in the important role the RIR system plays in the internet ecosystem, but it would also enable me to interface with ICANN and thereby advance ARIN’s interests within ICANN as well.

My primary goal as a member of the NRO NC would be to serve the ARIN community, for example by helping to ensure that ICANN’s activities affecting ARIN reflect the appropriate scope of the contractual relationship between the parties. But as a secondary matter, I would like to explore whether there are opportunities to formulate new global policies to harmonize differing RIR policies or that take into account recent or potentially emerging international developments, such as inconsistent state regulations or the growing prospect of internet fragmentation.

6) What, if any, conflicts of interest might arise for you as an NRO NC member? Specifically, do you serve in what could be perceived as any Internet governance roles, provide any services directly or indirectly to ARIN, or represent any significant interest from the community?

None of the situations presented in the Nomination and Appointment Conflict of Interest Requirements ( apply to me. I also do not anticipate that any other conflicts of interest would arise by virtue of my serving on the NRO NC.

7) What is your record of serving the Internet community in the ARIN region?

I have attended multiple ARIN conferences and have been an ARIN Fellow. I have participated in the ARIN policymaking process and assisted with efforts to increase RPKI development, IPv6 adoption, and IPv4 availability for smaller organizations in the ARIN service region.

8) What participation do you have within ICANN, in the past and currently? Are you a member of any other ICANN AC or SO?

I have not participated in ICANN governance to date. But as mentioned above, one of the main reasons I desire to become a member of the NRO NC is the opportunity to serve as one of ARIN’s liaisons to ICANN, thus providing exposure to both numbering and naming.

I am not a member of any other ICANN AC or SO.

9) What differentiates you as a candidate, or makes you uniquely suited to serve on the NRO NC?

I believe three attributes make me uniquely suited to serve on the NRO NC.
First, my experience as a lawyer for two of the largest technology companies in the world brings a keen eye for policy details and issue-spotting that would help serve the NRO NC’s mission. The value of these skills is perhaps evidenced by the fact that no fewer than three lawyers currently serve on the ASO AC (one for each of APNIC, LACNIC, and AFRINIC). Moreover, if elected, I would be the first lawyer to serve on ARIN’s NRO NC in its 22-year history.

Second, I have a strong academic interest in internet governance more broadly. I am deeply familiar with the history of the internet and its current governance bodies and regularly read the latest scholarship on the subject.

Third, I am technical, having completed a B.S. in Computer Science and worked as a developer. I regularly engage with the technical aspects of networking services to advise engineers, and I continue to program in my spare time. I am therefore familiar not only with internet governance policy but also with modern network architecture and protocols.

10) Provide a brief biography of recent experience, associations, and affiliations relevant to serving on the NRO NC, including names of organizations, positions held, specific duties, and dates of service.

Attorney, Microsoft Corporation, 2013 – 2016: primary legal support for five services within Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing product, including Operations, Compute, and Mobile.

Corporate Counsel, Amazon Web Services, 2019 – : primary legal support for AWS Edge Services, including IPv4 purchases and policymaking, DNS, Networking, CDN, and Cybersecurity.

11) (Optional) Provide one URL to a social media website of your choice, to foster dialogue with community members.

None provided

12) (Optional) Provide one URL to a web page with biographical information.

None provided

15 responses

  1. Joel Bethers

    I support

  2. Kerrie Ann Vassall Richards

    When I mentored Nick as an ARIN 48 Fellow I realized that he would be a plus to the community in a regional leadership role. His interest in policy goes beyond the needs for the ARIN region. He keeps close tabs on policy through out all RIRs and finds common threads. The ARIN region will benefit from having him on the NRO and I support his candidacy.

  3. Marlin Martes

    Over the past 2 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nick, he is a tremendous contributor and his legal experience and skill set are well suited for the NRO. His tenacity and willingness to dig deep on policy issues and flex his understanding of the intricacies of the internet make him a wonderful candidate for this role.

  4. Reiner Mim

    I regularly work with Nick at AWS, and strongly support his candidacy for the NRO NC. Nick is an extremely dedicated professional, thoroughly understands and deeply cares about the customer perspective, and brings a unique combination of deep internet technology experience and legal expertise to the table.

  5. Adhish Bhobe

    I have worked with Nick over the past two years at AWS, where he has supported multiple AWS services. Nick’s legal expertise and technical background make him a unique contributor on many AWS’ initiatives where he is able to perceive beyond business goals, and contribute on policy and legal aspects that impact customers and users. Nick would be a great candidate to serve the NRO Number Council, bringing a fresh perspective through his background and work.

  6. Omo Akintoye

    I have been working with Nick for the past two and a half years and he has been nothing less than stellar. His attention to detail speaks volumes on why he would be an excellent candidate for the NRO Number Council. Nick’s attributes are encompassing of the NRO NC’s tenets .

  7. Greg DiBiase

    Nick’s broad range of experience makes him a great candidate for the NRO Number Council. We’ve worked together for several years on AWS’ Route 53 service and he supports me in my role as Vice Chair of ICANN’s GNSO Council. He has a rare combination of technical knowledge and legal expertise that would greatly benefit the RIR community.

  8. I have worked with Nick over the last three plus years at AWS and have always observed Nick to take a balanced view on the most ambiguous policy decisions. Nick’s insights are astute, his understanding of the Internet technical landscape is deep, and it will uniquely qualify him for this position to act as an NRO NC member.

  9. I endorse Nick for the NRO Number Council. Having known Nick for several years and through collaborating with him during this time I have gained a greater appreciation for Nick’s integrity and passion that he puts into everything he does. Nick is smart, dedicated, and hard working. I believe that he will bring a fresh perspective to the NRO NC and represent our community well. Nick is quite perspicacious when it comes to our community and policy. Do not let his legal background fool you, Nick has a keen understanding of the technology and the inter-workings of the Internet. Nick is the right person to represent our community with the NRO Number Council.

  10. Wendy Leedy

    I’ve worked with Nick at AWS for over two years and I’ve seen his involvement in Internet governance grow. Nick closely follows and participates in policy discussions, follows mailing lists, and supports and is committed to serving the ARIN community and fulfilling the NRO NC’s mission. He regularly attends meetings, including participating in policy making processes. Nick would make an excellent addition and will serve and represent our community well! Nick has my vote and I recommend that he receives yours too!

  11. Amy Potter

    I think Nick would make an excellent member of the NRO NC. He has a deep understanding of internet governance, and is an excellent team player. We’d be lucky to have him.

  12. Clara Wade

    The first time I spoke to Nick, we talked about the different RIRs’ policies, how current events were being handled by these and the importance of safe keeping the Internet. Having now worked with him at AWS and seeing he is not just a thoughtful and insightful communicator, but also a doer, I am excited to see what he could bring to the NRO Number Council table.

  13. Jeremy Bernick

    Nick is an outstanding candidate for the NRO Number Council. We met originally as Fellows at ARIN 48 and Nick’s mixture of legal, policy, and technical knowledge will be a necessary addition to the complex work of the NRO NC. Our RIR community would be lucky to have him on the frontlines!

  14. Kaitlyn Pellak

    I have only worked with Nick for a few months, but his interest in internet policy and governance, and his attention to detail are already apparent even in the brief time I have known him. I strongly believe having someone with Nick’s combination of legal and technical expertise would be a great asset to ARIN.

  15. Tina Morris

    I have worked with Nick at AWS for the last few years, and I have seen his interest in the RIR ecosystem grow, following the mailing lists and attending training sessions to learn more about the community and ARIN mission. He is uniquely qualified to act as an NRO NC member and bridge policy discussions across multiple RIR systems and definitely has my vote.

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