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Duclos, Philip

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Affiliation: Gogo Business Aviation

Nominee Classification: Qualifications not Demonstrated

Nominee Questionnaire

1. ARIN Board of Trustees Qualifications and Responsibilities

Please review the ARIN Board of Trustees Expected Qualifications and Responsibilities thoroughly. Please describe, providing specific details, any barriers you foresee to your fully meeting those qualifications and undertaking those responsibilities. A Trustee’s responsibilities have usually required about 5-10 hours per week.

I believe that I have the qualifications required and have no barriers to fulfilling the responsibilities required for the position of Trustee.

2. Conflicts of Interest

a) Please disclose any conflicts of interest you may have, real or perceived, that would impact your ability to perform your duty as a member of the ARIN Board of Trustees. (If no conflicts, please enter “N/A”)


b) How do you propose to resolve any conflicts identified in (a)? (If no conflicts identified, please enter “N/A”)


c) Are you currently eligible to serve on the Board of Trustees according to the Conflict of Interest Requirements and the eligibility requirements?


d) If not currently eligible, describe how you will become eligible to serve, if elected (i.e., “If elected, I will resign from the position of ____________ before 31 Dec 2023”). If currently eligible, please enter “N/A”.


3. Education

a) Please list any educational degree(s) you received, the institution and the date issued.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology received in 1980 from the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

b) Please list any professional designations, certifications, or development education (non-degree) and the dates completed.

Professional Engineer in Colorado & Wisconsin

4. Employment and Experience

a) Please provide the name of any company or organization you currently are employed by, or from which you receive directly or indirectly a material portion of your compensation. Please describe the business of each such entity, your current title, and the office address of the organization.

Gogo Business Aviation, current employer. Gogo is the premier in-flight connectivity provider for the business jet market. My current title is Airborne Platform Software Engineer IV. Office address is 105 Edgeview Drive Suite 300 Broomfield, CO 80021

Duclos Engineering, a sole proprietorship where my current title is “self”, which conducts research and development in areas of interest tangential to my day job.

b) Please refer to the ARIN Board of Trustees Guidance to the 2022 Nomination Committee in answering this question: Please describe your relevant professional experience and expertise and explain how this background will make you an effective trustee.

I have been in the computer industry for more than 40 years and participated in the establishment and growth of the internet first hand throughout that time. My passion has been software development as both a contributor and as an architect in both large and small companies and much of my work has been with networks, in a variety of flavors. This technical experience has given me insight into problems within and without the industry.

I am an inventor on 4 US Patents, several of which relate to computer networks.

My service with several non-profit organizations has given me experience in decision making for the advancement of those organizations.

I served as a Director and as President of the Long’s Peak Water District (LPWD) for a total of eight years. LPWD is a Colorado Sole Purpose Special District with about 1000 tapholders, an annual budget of $1.2M and about 5 employees.

I served as Vice President and as Secretary of the Boulder Rifle Club, a Colorado 501(c)5 corporation with about 1000 members and an annual budget of $400K for a total of about 10 years.

I currently serve as President of the Colorado Dahlia Society, a Colorado Association, with about 100 members and an annual budget of $7K.

I have found all of these experiences enriching and I think that those organizations were better off as a result of the work that I did there.

Attach a resume, curriculum vitae, or other biography highlighting your experience most relevant to the duties of the ARIN Board of Trustees. (PDF, DOC, DOCX files only) Remove any personal contact information (postal address, email, and/or phone number) from your resume/CV, as it will be posted publicly as part of the candidate information.


You may also optionally include additional web links to external websites (e.g., social media), though not as a substitute for your biography. One URL per line.

No Response

5. Governance Experience

a) Please identify any boards on which you currently serve that carry fiduciary duties, whether at a for-profit or nonprofit organization. Please note how long you have served and what offices, if any, you have held.

2021 – Present – President of the Colorado Dahlia Society, a Colorado Association, with about 100 members and an annual budget of $7K.

2008 – 2018 – Secretary & Vice President of the Boulder Rifle Club, a Colorado 501(c)5 corporation with about 1000 members and an annual budget of $400K.

2002 – 2010 – Director & President of the Long’s Peak Water District, a Colorado Sole Purpose Special District with about 1000 tapholders, an annual budget of $1.2M and about 5 employees.

b) Please identify any other boards on which you have served in the past 10 years that are not included in answer to (a), listing your dates of service.


c) How does your past governance experience prepare you to help fulfill that role by serving as an ARIN Trustee?

Experience with the following topics –

  • Communicating with others with diverse backgrounds
  • Drafting and refining a budget
  • Risk identification and management
  • Building consensus among Board members
  • Setting short and long term goals and priorities
  • Creating and managing capital projects
  • Seeking legal counsel and filtering opinions
  • Working with local governments

6. Describe any past experience or involvement with ARIN or other Internet governance bodies.

Other than holding a LRSA, none.

7. Aside from any governance experience, describe your specific skills, background, and/or areas of expertise you believe will assist the Board in carrying out its duties.

Effective communication

4 responses

  1. Pete Mazzenga

    Phil is highly skilled and really knows his stuff. He’s great to work with and always keeps an even keel. I think he’d make an excellent Trustee.

    -Pete Mazzenga

  2. I’ve worked with Phil as a technical peer at several companies over the years. He has a broad experience base with technology and business, with a lot of focus on networking and inter-networking. He is good at generating consensus in a group and seeing the big picture (risks and rewards). His design, architecture, and debugging skills are excellent. I believe you will find his character, motivation, and skills fit well on a board seat.

  3. Aaron Stone

    Philip has always offered great advice when I’m trying to design a new feature or debug code. He has a pleasant personality and is very approachable. In addition, he is also involved with the Colorado Dahlia Society. It’s always a pleasure to talk with him about growing flowers and seeing what he has grown when he brings Dahlias to the office. I’m sure whatever he puts his mind to will be a success.

  4. Anuj Thomas Mathew

    Having worked with Philip for over 3 years now I can confirm that his work and knowledge are wonderful, he has helped me solve a lot of problems at work and working with him has always been fun. Knowing how knowledgable he is when it comes to Technology, I support Philip’s candidacy for membership on the Board.

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