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Affiliation: Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI)

Nominee Classification: Well Qualified

Nominee Questionnaire

1. Public Contact Information

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b) Please identify your organizational affiliations. Note that Advisory Council (AC) members serve as individuals required to take ARIN’s best interests into account—not those of organizations with which they are affiliated.

Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI)

Visions Federal Credit Union

LUMA Projection Arts Festival

2. Relevant Biography

a) Please refer to the ARIN Advisory Council Guidance to the 2023 Nomination Committee in answering this question:

i) Please describe your relevant professional experience and expertise and explain how this background will make you an effective AC member.

I have had the privilege of serving on the ARIN Advisory Council for the last year, giving me an opportunity to understand the policy development process and actively participate in the ARIN community. During my service, I helped shepherd and develop policy, and volunteered to serve as a mentor in the ARIN Fellows program at ARIN51 and upcoming at ARIN52.

I currently work as the Chief Information Technology Officer for Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI), a large human services nonprofit based in Rochester, NY. Prior to CCSI, I spent nine years as CIO of two counties in New York State. In all of these roles I oversee all aspects of technical service delivery including IP networking and systems support work, interfacing with elected officials and boards and community stakeholders, as well as developing policy and law as appropriate. During my county CIO tenure, I was elected by peers as Vice President of the NYS Local Government IT Directors Association where I facilitated and ran statewide conferences for 250+ attendees, handling both budget and session content development for four years – a role requiring extensive peer collaboration and consensus-building to be successful, as well as public speaking and presenting.

I have also spent the last 14 years in board service as Supervisory Committee Chair with Visions Federal Credit Union, a $5.7bn financial institution that is approximately the 60th largest credit union in the US. I oversee the committee working with internal auditing functions, respond to member complaints, provide executive linkage to the Board chair and CEO, present at board and membership meetings, and participate in the strategic planning process of the organization.

The qualities that I feel are my strongest for ARIN service are diversity of professional background, extensive leadership experience in large non-profit and governmental organizations, and eagerness to serve. I would be honored to be re-elected to a full three-year term.

ii) Attach a resume, curriculum vitae, or other biography highlighting your experience most relevant to the duties of the AC. Do not include your home address or personal contact information on the resume, as it will be made public as part of the election material.


iii) Optionally, you may also include additional web links to external websites (e.g., social media), though not as a substitute for your biography.


b) The role of the Advisory Council is to advise the Board of Trustees on Internet number resource policy and related matters. Describe a similar experience you have had in such an advisory role.

My most recent year of service with ARIN has given me direct experience with number resource policy development and advisement. In other aspects of my career, I have had numerous roles that involve complex policy development.  I have developed internal policies for cybersecurity, compliance, and more. As a county CIO I regularly consulted with legislative bodies and participated in drafting appropriate legislative text as needed. In my role with credit unions, I receive and process regular advice on policy and regulatory matters.

3. Eligibility

a) Please disclose any conflicts of interest you may have, real or perceived, that would impact your ability to perform your duty as a member of ARIN’s Advisory Council. How do you propose to resolve any such conflicts?


b) Are you currently eligible to serve on the Advisory Council according to the Conflicts of Interest Policy?


c) If not currently eligible, how will you become eligible to serve if elected (i.e. “If elected, I will resign from the position of ________ before 31 Dec 2023”). If not applicable, simply enter “N/A”.


d) Describe any limitations on your ability to: attend AC and Public Policy Meetings in person; or serve all of the elected term.


4. Nominee Information

a) Have you attended ARIN meetings or otherwise participated in ARIN activities in the past? What did you find the most rewarding from those meetings or activities? What suggestions for improvement do you have?

I have attended ARIN50 and ARIN51, and am planning to attend ARIN52. I have been a mentor for ARIN Fellows at ARIN51 and am continuing as a mentor for ARIN52. In the last year I have participated regularly on the PPML list to provide feedback and facilitate policy development, and am looking forward to helping support the ARIN on the Road event later this year in Rochester, NY, where I work. I also attended NANOG88 in Atlanta as the ARIN AC representative.

I have found the community engagement and personal connections I’ve made to be the most rewarding part of my participation – this is a fantastic community to be a part of! At this time, I don’t have any specific suggestions for improvement – I still consider myself to have much to learn and understand.

b) What areas of Internet number resource policy, if any, need more attention by ARIN; why?

Legacy number management continues to be an area requiring careful and considered attention – with IPv4 exhaustion, there are new suggestions as well as work done by other RIRs to stretch that pool further or maximize what’s left, and we should analyze and adopt ideas that are useful and appropriate for our region. It’s also always (still!) important to say: more IPv6!

c) Aside from the professional experience and expertise detailed above, describe any other specific skills, background, and/or areas of expertise you believe will assist the Advisory Council in carrying out its duties.

I consider myself to be an excellent communicator, facilitator in groups, and connector of people. In a role such as an ARIN AC member, I feel those qualities are helpful to bring new individuals to participate and connect with others, which I think is a critical component of the role. I also have a long history of volunteer service, and much of that service involves working with or leading peer groups where I have to build consensus to obtain successful outcomes – experience that I feel translates well to the ARIN policy development process.

8 responses

  1. Christian S Tacit

    I have had the pleasure of working with Douglas on the AC during the past year. He is very engaged, thoughtful and collegial in performing his duties on the AC. I support his re-election.

  2. Brian Jones

    Doug has been a pleasure to work with on the Advisory Council over the past year. I appreciate his interest in, and valuable input to, the process. He will represent you well as a longer term Advisory Council member.

  3. Andrew Dul

    Doug has been a great addition to the ARIN AC in the past year. He has jumped in and got involved contributing from day one. I support Doug’s reelection to the ARIN AC.

  4. Anita Nikolich

    Doug has been great to work with on the Advisory Council. He is a fast learner and considers policies from multiple points of view.

  5. Matthew Wilder

    Doug has been a welcome addition to the Advisory Council. He is eager to be of service to the community, and has a temperament that lends itself to being an effective policy shepherd. I would encourage all voting members to vote for Doug.

  6. Mary Robinson

    I am writing in support of Doug Camin’s election to the ARIN Advisory Council. I have had the pleasure of working with Doug as a volunteer at Visions Federal Credit Union for nearly a decade. Doug is an analytical and strategic thinker who brings a wealth of knowledge to our meetings. Doug always comes prepared and asks excellent and thought-provoking questions that contribute to our effective governance of the organization. Doug is keenly interested in the work of ARIN and is committed to being a valuable Advisory Council member. I strongly encourage you to support Doug.

  7. I have worked closely with Doug for many years and can attest to this professional background. As VP/CIO for Visions Federal Credit Union, I can attest to the fact that Doug is an integral part of the Supervisory Committee/Board linkage and provides technical insight that is complementary to his peers. I have worked with and have engaged Doug many times over the last 10+ years as he and I worked together on many technical projects when he was in a consulting firm for my organization at the time. Doug provided high caliber expertise at every juncture. All this to say, his biography is accurate and I support him 100% – he is a skilled leader, he conducts himself professionally and is comfortable speaking to a CEO in one breath while turning to an engineer in the next and carrying on a competent conversation with both. I have rarely ever come across another quite like Doug that possesses all these skillsets and I believe he would make a great long-term fit with ARIN.

  8. alison wood

    Doug has brought a fresh perspective and wonderful energy to the AC. He represents the best interests of the community and is always going the extra mile for the community and the council. I encourage you to vote for Doug.

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