da Silva, Ron

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Affiliation: Network Technologies Global

Nomination Committee Evaluation: Qualifications not Demonstrated

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Nominee Questionnaire

1. Board of Trustees Qualifications and Responsibilities

Please review the ARIN Board of Trustees Expected Qualifications and Responsibilities thoroughly. Please describe, providing specific details, any barriers you foresee to your fully meeting those qualifications and undertaking those responsibilities. A Trustee’s responsibilities have usually required about 5-10 hours per week.


2. Conflicts of Interest

a) Please disclose any conflicts of interest you may have, real or perceived, that would impact your ability to perform your duty as a member of the ARIN Board of Trustees. (If no conflicts, please enter “N/A”)


b) How do you propose to resolve any conflicts identified in (a)? (If no conflicts identified, please enter “N/A”)


c) Are you currently eligible to serve on the Board of Trustees according to the Conflict of Interest Requirements and the eligibility requirements?


d) If not currently eligible, describe how you will become eligible to serve, if elected (i.e., “If elected, I will resign from the position of ____________  before 31 Dec 2022”). If currently eligible, please enter “N/A”.


3. Education

a) Please list any degree(s) you received, the institution and the date issued.

  • Old Dominion University, B.S. Applied Mathematics & English 1994

b) Please list any professional designations, certifications, or development education (non-degree) and the dates completed.

  • IMD Business School – High Performance Leadership Certificate 2019
  • Drexel University – Director’s Academy 2017
  • Foundation for Natural Leadership – Leadership Program 2017
  • National Association of Corporate Directors – Board Fellowship 2016

4. Employment and Experience

a) Please provide the name of any company or organization you currently are employed by, or from which you receive directly or indirectly a material portion of your compensation. Please describe the business of each such entity, your current title, and the office address of the organization.

Network Technologies Global
 CEO – Founder
consulting practice Ashburn, VA

b) Please refer to the ARIN Board of Trustees Guidance to the 2022 Nomination Committee in answering this question: Please describe your relevant professional experience and expertise and explain how this background will make you an effective trustee.

Actively involved in ARIN policy since 1999; executive, engineering & operating experience in internet industry since 1996; board governance experience since 2003.  Previous member of ASO-AC and chair of the ARIN AC.

I bring a variety of leadership and governance experiences to equip me to be an effective Board member of ARIN.

Attach a resume, curriculum vitae, or other biography highlighting your experience most relevant to the duties of the ARIN Board of Trustees. (PDF, DOC, DOCX files only)


You may also optionally include additional web links to external websites (e.g., social media), though not as a substitute for your biography. One URL per line.


5. Governance Experience

a) Please identify any boards on which you currently serve that carry fiduciary duties, whether at a for-profit or non-profit organization. Please note how long you have served and what offices, if any, you have held.

Chartway Federal Credit Union – since 2021

  • Asset/Liability Management Committee
  • Legislative, Regulatory & Advocacy Committee (Chair)

CertifiedTrue – since 2018 Forest Manor HOA – since 2004 (President)

b) Please identify any other boards on which you have served in the past 10 years that are not included in answer to (a), listing your dates of service.

The Data Center Coalition – 2021 – 2022 ICANN – 2015 – 2021

c) What is the role of ARIN’s Board of Trustees?

Overall responsibility of oversight for ARIN, representing interests of members and stakeholders.

d) How does your past governance experience prepare you to help fulfill that role by serving as an ARIN Trustee?

I bring a variety of governance experiences that will add diversity to the Board as well as a rich history in the ARIN community and industry.

6. Understanding of ARIN’s role in the Internet governance ecosystem

a) What is ARIN’s role in the Internet governance ecosystem?

Managing the coordination of internet numbering resources in the region and as part of the global RIR system.

b) Describe any past experience or involvement with ARIN or other Internet governance bodies.

Internet governance experience includes participation in ARIN ASO-AC, ARIN-AC, ICANN, IGF-USA, IGF, ISOC, IETF

7. Board Discussion Topics

a) Risk Oversight and Management

i) Understanding and overseeing organizational and environmental risk is an important responsibility of Trustees. What do you see as potential risks to the organization, and which are newer risks that have emerged more recently?

I continue to believe governmental jurisdictional overreach is a risk to protecting the technical internet governance of internet resources.  This is particularly highlighted in response to Russian invasion of Ukraine and increased calls for governmental involvement, digital state sovereignty and segmentation of the global internet. Within the ARIN region, this can be seen with differing political agendas from different states and provinces sometimes at odds with the governments of Canada, U.S. and the Caribbean countries. Even regulations being formed outside of the ARIN region have the risk of impacting operations as many members of ARIN are multinational businesses with complex compliance and increasingly difficult reconciliations between ofttimes conflicting requirements from governments and regulatory agencies.

ii) How should the Board best discharge its responsibilities regarding risk oversight and management?

It is important that management and the Board regular review existing risks and new risks, maintain a risk register and develop appropriate mitigation strategies for identified risks.

iii) How will you contribute to strengthening risk oversight and management at ARIN?

Drawing on prior risk / strategy development for other boards, I can actively drive and support the ongoing risk management priority of the board.

b) Strategy

i) Supporting and reviewing the strategic direction identified by ARIN’s management, in consultation with its membership, is an important responsibility of Trustees. Based on your understanding of ARIN’s current strategic plan and the environment in which it operates, what opportunities or challenges do you foresee for the organization?

I think internet routing security and internet governance remain important challenges for the organization. Increases in internet infrastructure security issues escalates interests by governments, consumer advocates and civil society practitioners. To the extent that organizations (like ARIN) responsible for the governance of technical operations of the internet don’t adequately address the ongoing assault by bad actors, governments and other advocates will make efforts to regulate, restrict or otherwise pressure the industry in an attempt to protect the interests of end users. It is important for internet technical bodies to continue to work together to protect their self-governing and independent role in sustaining open and accessible access to internet technologies, services and common infrastructures.

ii) How might these challenges and opportunities influence current or future strategic plans?

As discussed in risk above, strategy and risk should be regularly reviewed and plans / mitigation steps identified.  These strategic issues of advocacy for ongoing open / accessible internet need to continue to be included in that exercise.

iii) Please explain how your background and experience would help in addressing what you believe are ARIN’s greatest challenges.

My strong and diverse governance experience will help increase the Board’s ability to deal with ongoing challenges of internet governance, membership involvement, services/operating demands while transitioning from IPv4 transfer market to predominate IPv6 operation, support of other RIR’s and their solvency challenges, ongoing pressures from outside the RIR ecosystem on the numbering administration (e.g. governments, civil society, consumer protection advocates).

20 responses

  1. Ron is an outstanding executive with extensive experience on organizational boards. I will fully support his candidacy based on personal interactions, amazing qualifications, and an intuitive outlook on the future.

  2. Christian Tacit

    I have witnessed Ron serve the community very well on the NRO Number Council for a number of years. He is very level headed, and has the big picture and analytic capabilities, as well as extensive governance experience to make him a very good candidate for the Board of Trustees. He is also calm and his interactions with others are respectful. I support his candidacy!

  3. Leo Bicknell

    Ron has previously served at ARIN and is completely qualified for this position. He has served in many leadership positions in the Industry, and would make a great leader for ARIN.

  4. Martin Hannigan

    I support Ron’s candidacy for the Board of Trustees. I was part of the ARIN ASO/NRO NC which sent Ron to represent all five RIR’s interests on the ICANN Board of Directors for two-terms (six years). I found him to be diligent, engaged, and a good listener. Ron has policy and network operator experience, something that we could benefit from experience wise.

  5. Christian Kaufmann

    I have know Ron for many years and have seen him in various roles.
    Ron has an extensive experience as a Board Member in various organisations and would be an excellent addition to the ARIN board.

  6. I have known and worked with Ron for more than seven years, and I can confirm he is a reliable, professional and efficient colleague. Ron has a lot of experience in the Numbers area of Internet, as well as other aspects, technical, economical and social. He is well known in the Internet world ecosystem, and he will contribute significantly to the ARIN Board.
    Lito Ibarra (former ICANN, LACNIC and LACTLD Board member)

  7. Jeff Lawrence

    I am a technology professional and have known Ron for 7 years, since we first met at a technology nerd golf event.
    Since, we have become friends over the course of the annual event. I can speak to his exceptionally high character content as well as his extreme level of professionalism that I have experienced through meaningful conversations.
    He will lead with integrity and an honest, open approach.

  8. Tripti Sinha

    Ron and I have been colleagues in the Internet ecosystem for many years. I admire his technical expertise and depth of understanding of Internet technologies. He has both a pragmatic and strategic understanding of issues. He is a candid and collegial individual. I believe he will make great contributions to this space.

  9. Sarah Deutsch

    I am happy to share some observations, solely in my personal capacity, about Ron and his many qualities. Ron has deep knowledge on technical issues, has excellent governance and finance experience and brings a collaborative, common sense and creative approach to resolving complex decisions. On a personal level, he welcoming of diverse views and is a great listener.

  10. I’ve worked with Ron via ICANN, IGF, NASIG and feel he is the most qualified to serve on the Arin Board. He has broad governance experience and long standing history with Internet policy, infrastructure development, and executive leadership.

  11. When on ICANN board, Ron went out of his way to engage with various stakeholders, especially the noncommercial stakeholders group that usually the technical community does not see the need to pay attention to. He also had very solid ideas about ICANN finances and was a very active member of ICANN board. Look forward to seeing him bring that energy and care for multistakeholder processes to ARIN.

  12. Jim Prendergast

    One of the things that struck me about Ron when he was on the ICANN Board was his willingness to engage with the community. He was always willing to talk with people and worked hard to understand issues from all perspectives. I have no doubt he would be as engaging with the ARIN Community and would make a great Director.

  13. I have served as chairman of ICANN, President and chair of ISOC and chairman of ARIN. It has been my pleasure to work with Ron da Silva in various capacities. I have no doubt that he will contribute to the ARIN board in constructive ways and I offer a strong endorsement of his candidacy without qualification.
    Vint Cerf

  14. Cathy Aronson

    I have known Ron for many years. We served together on the ARIN advisory council. Ron is very qualified and would make an excellent ARIN board member.

  15. I have known Ron through his work on the ICANN Board, both before I joined it, and as a colleague after that. I am happy to recommend his candidacy.

  16. Hagen Hultzsch, Dr.

    I know Ron since many years from my engagement with ICANN since about 2003, and do support his engagament as much as possible. Our society is strongly dependent on such engagements as shown here by Ron de Silva. …..Hagen
    Dr. Hagen Hultzsch, Löwenburgweg 2, D-53229 Bonn
    hagen.hultzsch@outlook.de , Tel. +49-228-976-5000, fax -5001, mobil +49-171-228-8200

  17. I am writing this to recommend Ron da Silva for the board of ARIN. He is one of the most hardworking and dedicated people I have worked with at the ICANN Board.
    He has a solid mentality and practical decision-making skills. He is punctual and cooperative in his every work and has a strong sense of rightness. As one of his colleagues, I have seen his work firsthand.

  18. Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond

    I have known Ron from when he was on the ICANN Board (plus IGF, ISOC etc.). As a Director, he was very involved with the community, listening, understanding, explaining, whilst having the ability to see the big picture. Not only was he diligent in this volunteer position doing the hard work that’s needed in an active Board, reading and analysing documents and reports, he’s also a great guy, approachable, intelligent and quick to understand things – with the Global outlook and understanding of Internet Governance that’s needed of today’s leaders. ARIN would really benefit from electing him to its Board.

  19. Judith Hellerstein

    I have known Ron for many years and he has always been very helpful about explaining ARIN and what they do and the related Policies. He would be an excellent choice for the Board. He has the ability to explain complicated issues in a clear and understandable manner

  20. I have known Ron for many years and strongly support his candidacy for the ARIN Board.

    Eduardo Díaz

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